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6 Reasons to Choose Classic Handles in a Modern World

1. A Sense of History

Modern classic European décor is an amalgam of several key influences – most notable of which: Victorian, Roman & Greek.

When you adorn your living space with classic handles, you draw on a rich history and a long line of legendary designers. Designers who shaped the modern world.

A home that adheres to these classic sensibilities conveys an almost palpable sense of heritage and sophistication.

Think Victor Horta’s Maison & Atelier Horta, the Greek Pantheon, or the Notre Dame Cathedral. There’s a reason people flock to these places from around the world.

A living space designed with history in mind draws on the highest standards of beauty. That’s a pretty good reason to go classic.

2. Fantastically Functional

Before you even think about how your space is going to look, you need to pay the utmost consideration to how it functions. It needs to be something you can use. Easily.

Some modern accessories look great but just aren’t practical.

Classic handles have been around for a long time. They just work.

We’re talking ergonomics, reliability, and style. You can trust a classic handle.

3. Timelessness

Staying power. That’s another benefit of going classic with your handles.

You’re not basing your decisions slot server thailand super gacor on fads that won’t last like, TV cupboards, furry toilet-seat covers, and stenciled walls.

Ever flicked through an old magazine and seen a room from deposit 25 bonus 25 to 5x several decades ago and thought wow? That’s standing the test of time for you.

4. Simple Is Beautiful

Classic handles tend to be simpler and slightly more understated than their ultra-contemporary counterparts. That’s what makes them great.

Some of the most beautiful things in the world are the most beautiful. When going for that sophisticated look, you really don’t want to go too crazy.  As Leonardo Da Vinci once said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. We tend to think he knew a thing or 2 about this stuff.

Minimalism is art. In fact, Minimal Art, is a predominantly American movement that emerged in the 1960’s.

There’s something so restful looking in simplicity and order. Go classic. Be peaceful.

5. Impact

Understated doesn’t mean boring. In-fact, classic décor can pack a walloping punch.

Strong lines. Imposing symmetry. Order. These are the words that a well-executed classic aesthetic invokes.

If classic door handles could speak, they would talk constantly about luxury and elegance. But forgive them, they don’t know any different.

They were created for a purpose. And that purpose is to imitate the natural order of the universe.

The aesthetic was cultivated in a time before cameras. When art was at the heart of society.

Back then people were obsessed with beauty. They wanted to understand it. They created formulas for the things that brought the most pleasure to the human eye – golden ratios    and mathematical models for perfection.

Classic décor is the result. Use it.

6. Time Tested

There’s a reason certain handles became classics and others didn’t. Every classic handle design that really works is built on a mountain of those that don’t.

That’s how you can be sure that the classic designs that are still around are there on merit. Pretty cool, right?



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